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Monday, December 14, 2020


All Diagnostic TEST Cost & FEES

SNTest Name
1Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)550
2Anomaly Scan1000
3AntiDNA Antibody600
4Bone Scan1000
53-Phase Bone Scan1500
6Tc-99m Brain Scan600
7HRUS of Breast400
8CA - 125800
10DTPA Captopril Renogram1500
11Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)600
12Duplex evaluation of renal artery1200
13Duplex evaluation of single limb vessels800
14Duplex evaluation of Carotid & vertebral arteries1000
15Duplex evaluation of all limbs (4 limbs)2000
17DMSA Renal Scan800
18Obstetric Duplex of Fetal velocimetry1000
19Scrotal Duplex800
20DTPA Renogram with camera GFR1000
21DTPA - Renogram with GFR1000
24HRUS of Eye ball orbit (one eye)300
25Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)500
26Free T3 (FT3)450
27FT3 +TSH800
28FT3, FT4,TSH1100
30FT4 + TSH800
31FT4 + TSH (Only for therapy follow up patients)500
32USG of HBS300
33Hepatobilliary Scan (HIDA)1200
34I - 131 Therapy thyroid Ca (large dose, >100 mCi)8000
35I - 131 Therapy Thyroid Ca (100 mCi)5000
36I - 131 Therapy Thyroid Ca (30 - 50 mCi)2500
37I - 131 Therapy (Toxic goiter)2000
38HRUS of Infant hypertrophic pyloric stenosis400
39HRUS of Joint500
40USG of KUB300
41USG of KUB + Prostate + MCC + PVR400
42USG of KUB + Lower abdomen400
43Luteinizing hormone (LH)500
44LH + FSH700
46FSH + LH + PRL1000
48Liver Spleen Scan (Tc-99m)1000
49Lung Perfusion Scan1200
50Lung VQ Scan1500
51Lymphoscintigraphy for sentinel LN800
52Meckel's Diverticulum Scan1000
57PTH (Parathyroid Hormone)800
58SPECT MIBI Parathyroid Imaging3000
59Duplex evaluation of Peripheral mass1000
60Penile Duplex1400
6118F FDG whole body PET-CT Scan30000
62USG of Pregnancy Profile300
64Prolactin (PRL)500
65USG of Twin pregnancy500
67RBC Scan for Hemangioma1000
68Salivary Scan800
69HRUS of Scrotum400
70V-P Shunt patency study1000
71SPECT Bone Scan2500
72SPECT HMPAO Cerebral perfusion Imaging3000
73SPECT Myocardial Perfusion (Rest)3500
74SPECT Myocardial Perfusion (Stress+Rest)7000
75Triiodothyronine (T3)450
76T3 + TSH800
78T3+T4+TSH+TG( Only for follow Up patients)800
79T4 (Thyroxine)450
80Testicular Scan800
82Tg (Thyroglobulin)600
83TMAb (Thyroid Microsomal antibody)600
84Whole body I-131 Thyroid scan1200
85Thyroid Scan (Tc-99m)500
86Thyroid Scan + Serum FT3+FT4+TSH1300
87Thyroid Scan + Serum T3+T4+TSH1300
88Thyroid Scan + HRUS of Thyroid + FT3+FT4+TSH1400
89Thyroid Scan + HRUS of Thyroid + T3+T4+TSH1400
90HRUS of Thyroid300
91Thyroid Uptake study400
92Thyroid scan+Thyroid uptake study800
93Thyroid Scan+Uptake+HRUS+T3+T4+TSH1600
95HRUS of Neck400
96HRUS of Parietal mass400
97USG of Thyroid300
98USG of Whole Abdomen450
99Vescoureteric Refux Study650
100Whole Body Bone Scan ( I - 131)1000
101Upper limb vessels (2 limbs)1200
102FT3 + TSH (only for therapy follow up patients)500
103Tg+TSH (Only for therapy follow up patients)500
104USG of Upper abdomen300
105USG of Prostate300
106USG of KUB + Uterus adnexa400
107USG of HBS + KUB400
108USG of Uterus adnexa300
109USG of HBS + Lower abdomen400
110USG of Lower abdomen300
111I-131 Thyroid Scan500
112Follow Up Book100
113Duplex evaluation of left lower limb vessels800
114Duplex evaluation of right lower limb vessels800
115BMD ( Bone mineral Density ) study1500
116HRUS of Thyroid + T3+T4+TSH1300
117HRUS of Thyroid + FT3+FT4+TSH1300
118Testosterone + Progesterone700
119LH + PRL700
120FSH + PRL700
122FSH + LH + Progesterone + Testosterone1200
123LH + PRL + Progesterone + Testosterone1200
124FSH + LH + Testosterone1000
125FSH + LH + Progesterone1000
126Duplex evaluation of Hemangioma800
127HRUS of Breast and axilla500
128HRUS of pediatric brain400
129HRUS of Eye ball orbit (two eyes)400
130HRUS of muscle400
131Duplex evaluation of uterus and adnexa800
132USG of biophysical profile1000
133T4 + TSH800
134Follow up consultation per visit200
135Liver Scan (Tc-99m)800
136Liver Perfusion flow1200
137Anti Tg Antibody (Tg Ab)600
138Anti-Thyroid Antibody600
141FSH + LH +PRL + Testosterone1200
142Single spot bone scan (Tc-99m)800
143FT3 + FT4 + TSH + TG( Only for follow Up patients)800
144HRUS of Chest400
145HRUS of TVS700
146HRUS of TRUS700
147Duplex evaluation of Both lower Limb vessels1200
148Duplex evaluation of Both Upper Limb vessels1200
149HRUS of Superficial organ400
150Duplex evaluation of Cirrhosis1000
151Duplex evaluation of abdominal tumor1000
152Thyroid Scan + Uptake + T3+T4+TSH1400
153Thyroid Scan + Uptake + FT3+FT4+TSH1400
154Duplex evaluation of portal hypertension1000
155Duplex varicocele evaluation800
156Duplex evaluation of abdominal aorta800
157Duplex evaluation of ectopic pregnancy800
158USG guided FNAC600
1593-D multiplanner evaluation of adnexal mass1000
1603-D evaluation of fetal congenital anomaly1000
1613-D multiplanner evaluation of abdominal mass900
162Obstetric Duplex of Pregnancy1000
163Obstetric Duplex of Fetal Echo1000
164T4 + TSH (Only for therapy follow up patients)500
165Brain CT with reporting2000
166Brain CT without reporting1500
167Brain Perfusion CT with reporting2200
168Brain Perfusion CT without reporting1700
169Cervical CT without reporting1500
170Cervical CT with reporting2000
171Chest CT with reporting2500
172Chest CT without reporting2000
173Chest CT without reporting2000
174CT Reporting500
175CT of Lower abdomen with reporting2000
176CT of Lower abdomen without reporting1500
177Lumber CT with reporting2000
178Lumber CT without reporting1500
179Upper abdomen CT with reporting2000
180Upper abdomen CT without reporting1500
181Whole abdomen CT with reporting4000
182Whole abdomen CT with reporting4000
183Whole abdomen CT without reporting3500
184Whole Spine CT without reporting3500
185Whole Spine CT with reporting4000
186SPECT-CT Parathyroid4000
187SPECT-CT Brain tumor recurrence6000
188SPECT-CT Whole body bone scan3000
189SPECT-CT Brain scan3000
190SPECT-CT Liver Spleen Scan1500
191SPECT bone sca1200
192SPECT-CT Lung VQ Scan3000
19318F FDG whole body PET-CT Scan with contrast35000
19418F FDG Cardiac PET-CT Scan30000
195Vita- D2000
19618F FDG whole body PET-CT Scan (special)12000
19718F FDG PET-CT Scan with contrast (special)14000

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